Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie dolls are now available in Canada

After a short delay due to the global pandemic, Tim Hortons and Barbie have finally released its Hockey Barbie dolls.

This collaboration sees 100% of Tim Hortons’ net proceeds donated to support Hockey Canada Foundation to support girls’ hockey.

There are two dolls available to purchase that are made in the likeness of Marie-Philip Poulin and Sarah Nurse.
The dolls cost $29.99 each and are outfitted with a Tim Hortons hockey jersey, helmet, hockey stick, a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

“As a leader in hockey in Canada, it’s important that Tims Hortons shows support for young girls who want to play the sport. We want to ensure that girls feel like they belong in hockey just as much as boys do,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons. “We’re really excited about the impact of this partnership with Barbie and to show our strong support for girls’ hockey.”

Tim Hortons states that there is also a Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie donuts that ‘feature a fondant top with an edible Hockey Barbie image, as well as Tim Hortons Hockey Barbie-branded Tim Cards — is aimed at showing girls that they can be anything, including a hockey player.’

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