Tim Hortons Barbie Donut Review

Targeted to empower girls of all ages, Tim Hortons and Barbie teamed up to create some inspiring products this year.

While there are two new Barbie dolls that can be purchased for $29.99 each, one in the likeness of Marie-Philip Poulin and Sarah Nurse from Team Canada, the company also has a Tim Card and a new branded donut.

Tim Hortons Barbie Donut Review4

The Tim Hortons Barbie Donut is eye-catching. We’ve seen this type of donut before so the innovation is not there, however, the meaning, in this case, is more important.

Let’s take a bit out of this limited edition donut.

Tim Hortons Barbie Donut Review4

The donut is a yeast filled donut that has a fondant top with an edible Hockey Barbie image. The images can either be Marie-Philip Poulin and Sarah Nurse. Honestly, if I was either one of them and I walked into a Timmies and saw my personality on a donut I’d think that was a really cool memory.

The donut is similar to a Boston Cream donut, minus the chocolate on top. In its place are pink, red, and white sprinkles with white fondant on top. Inside is the same vanilla cream you’d find in the Boston Cream.

Tim Hortons Barbie Donut Review4

Tim Hortons Barbie Donut Review4

Overall, a basic donut but for $1.59 CAD you’d be down for the experience to help girls achieve dreams. That’s the message both companies are portraying. Timmies has been a big supporter of hockey in Canada and this just adds to its foundation. However, staying fit — playing hockey — and eating a donut for me somehow misses the mark.

As for the actual taste of the donut, it’s delicious, fresh, but my face and body were overwhelmed by the amount of sugar.

The company released a commercial promoting the new products, specifically stating to “stay passionate. Chase your dreams. Believe in yourself. Believe in your limitless potential. And remember, with Barbie you can be anything.”

You can be anything you want This donut is more about how Tim Hortons and Barbie can inspire girls to achieve success rather than adding more sugar into their day.

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