Tim Hortons Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair Review

What a time to be alive. Honestly, with all the mess and frustration happening around the world, Tim Hortons — like or dislike them — has brought back a twist on a heritage donut.

The Chocolate Eclair donut from Tim Hortons is so memorable to me. When I was 8 years old my dad took me to swimming lessons. I really did not enjoy it at all but he rewarded/bribed me with a chocolate eclair from Timmies. I remember going and sitting at a table within the store. The non-smoking section.

Fast-forward almost 30-years, Tim Horton is under new leadership and a plethora of food and beverage options under its menu.

One donut popped up to me in its festive holiday menu this year. Timmies has added in the Chocolate Eclair but amped it up to 2020 levels with Hazelnut.

Tim Hortons Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair Tim Hortons

Now, hazelnut seems like a good choice because it is. It’s unknown why this is not sponsored by Nutella. That would make sens and could be just a marketing move or simply the company just wanted the donut to be sans branding and just hazelnut.

The donut is presented in a box. One might think this is overdoing it but truthfully how else would you carry something so delicate. There is no other way to keep everything intact unless it’s packaged this way.

Once you open the box, which feels like you’re opening a treasure chest of gold, the Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair gleans so brightly. You know you’ll enjoy this. The subtle addition of the white chocolate flakes invites you to have a bite.

The one missing for me is the whipped cream in the middle, which was now filled with hazelnut. The whipped cream for what I can remember made the donut feel fluffier.

This donut is light. It looks heavier because it’s larger than most donuts. With that said, this is considered a ‘Dream Donut’ and falls under its premium category and costs $1.99 CAD. Memories of my childhood came rushing back and it did not disappoint. I was pleasantly thrilled taking that first bite.

The combination of the white shavings on top was perfect. Any more would overwhelm the donut. However, for me now, 30-years later, the amount of chocolate on top is a bit too much. A thinner spread could have sufficed because I think the star of this donut is inside the donut itself, which is the hazelnut.

The hazelnut is perfect for this time of year. Comforting and even if you pack on a few pounds you can wear a sweatshirt to overcome that issue. Inside the Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair is the hazelnut and the bite that I enjoyed had the right amount of hazelnut spread.

I don’t know the finer ingredients or calories in the Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair and really don’t care to know… I mean, if you’re going for this donut over others it’s because it’s destined for you. And sometimes you just have to spend a bit more for the memory, or better yet, pass the memory down to others.

Brings back good memories. Tim Hortons, or its parent company, knew they needed to add something special to its menu this holiday season. The silent runaway is the Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair.

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