Review: Tim Hortons Gingerbread Filled Muffin

Tim Hortons recently announced it will be adding to Canadians’ muffin top this festive season. On November 25th the Gingerbread Filled Muffin will be available across Canada.

To my surprise, visiting a Timmies north of Toronto I found a tray looking back at me. I had to have it and my son tried to convince me to get the Cinnamon Bun, so I bought both along with my Steeped Tea.

While I also finished off the rest of the Cinnamon Bun while he was at school, this muffin was calling my name.

Like all Tim Hortons muffins in the last few years, the quad-fold muffin cup held this carb-heavy delight in place. Visually, the Gingerbread Filled Muffin looks like something people would eat. I mean, when I think of Gingerbread I don’t think of a muffin. I tend to this of a cookie that I make with my kids this time of year.

Tim Hortons Gingerbread Filled Muffin

It seems like the Pumpkin Spiced Muffin that was featured last month has been replaced with the Gingerbread Filled Muffin. Seems like a good idea cause the menu for donuts is heavy now with the Polar Bear donut, Chocolate Hazelnut Eclair, and Barbie donut.

As for weight, it feels like a muffin and not a filled donut. For $1.79, you get a taste of a limited-time offering from Tim Hortons. It tasted good, but nothing screamed out to me to order again like the Pumpkin Spiced Muffin and its toasted pumpkin seeds.

For the Gingerbread Filled Muffin, Tim Hortons put sprinkles of sugar topping on top. Biting into this muffin it is moist and there is sufficient filling, which to me is the same as the Pumpkin Spiced Muffin’s filling.

Tim Hortons Gingerbread Filled Muffin

The actual gingerbread taste and its spices are present but the sugar crystals got in the way of me actually enjoying the muffin. The sugar just kept on crunching in my teeth and took away any good memory I had with gingerbread.

Tim Hortons Gingerbread Filled Muffin

Don’t get me wrong, I finished the muffin within a minute, and was really tasty. If someone asked me if I’ve tried the muffin I’d say “yeah,” but would not move from there. It would be different with the limited-time Pumpkin Spiced Muffin as I’d suggest trying it.

Tim Hortons Gingerbread Filled Muffin

WORTH A TRY. Tim Hortons menu is all about the festivies this season. Bringing memories back for Canadians alike. Apart from donuts, the Gingerbread Filled Muffin is there as well and if it teases you it's worth the $1.79.

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