Review: Tim Hortons Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut

It’s been five years since Tim Hortons unveiled the Salted Caramel Donut and now the company has come to the table by adding a twist on the donut.

In 2015, Tim Hortons stated, “salted caramel is an on-trend flavor in the culinary world that is becoming widely popular and being featured everywhere from bake shops to high-end restaurants. Our guests will enjoy this sweet and savory combination now applied to some of their favorite Tim Hortons.”

Tim Hortons Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut

In 2020, Timmies released the Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut, which is one of its premium donuts that cost $1.99.

Five years ago I did not go for the Salted Caramel Donut but this year I caved. It was mainly because I already ravaged myself through its holiday lineup and I was at a weak moment in my life. I bought the Sea Salted Caramel to see what it was all about.

Tim Hortons Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut

At first glance, the Sea Salted Caramel is an eye-pleaser. The circular yeast donut is topped with a caramel spread with sprinkles of sea salt. I believe there is supposed to also be sprinkles of caramel chunks, but that was missing on mine.

The Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut tastes good. Biting into the donut is light and the initial taste hits caramel spot on. I had a flashback to eating a candied Apple with caramel right away. Perhaps there is a hint of apple in the caramel topping. I’m unsure but there were nodes of Red Delicious.

Tim Hortons Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut

The sea salt was a good addition and one that complimented the overall taste of the donut. The crunch of the salt did not overwhelm the donut and now thinking about it, the sweetness — because you know you’re in for a sugar rush later on with this donut — is just right. Anymore spread or topping would put this donut on the end of life list.

However, the donut was a bit dry as I munched my way through. I had to take a sip of Steeped Tea for my throat.

Since there is no cream filling, jelly, or any icing like the Honey Cruller to make it moist, you have to rely on the caramel spread to overcome just eating a simple donut. Perhaps if this donut was glazed would make it such more of a banger, especially for being a ‘Dream Donut.’

However, with all the good and simplicity of the Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut comes at a tragic cost. It’s not that the price costs $0.50 more than a regular donut, but the health cost.

Tim Hortons Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut

Tim Hortons notes the official nutritional information shows has a whopping 278 calories, 9 grams of fat, 4 grams saturated fat, 43 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein.

So for looking like a light donut, the caramel spread has a silent impact on your body. To put it into perspective, the Boston Cream donut has 215 calories, Apple Fritter donut has 306 calories and is a third larger.

Again, if you’re heading for a donut you already know the choices you’re making and you only live once.
Give this Sea Salted Caramel donut a go.

A POSSIBLE HINT OF APPLE. If you have pushed your way through the Timmies menu this holiday season, give the Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut a whirl. The caramel spread on this yeast donut is the selling point and worth paying a bit more for.

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