Tim Hortons should bring back the old-school ‘peel’ style cup lids

2020 has been a slog of a year. While COVID-19 has certainly put a dent in the world, another issue continues to upset Tim Hortons addicts and enthusiasts. You guessed it.

Timmies new hot beverage lids are disastrous and the old-school lids need to be brought back to save what is left of humanity.

In May 2109, Tim Hortons shifted away from the ‘peel’ style lid to a ‘pucker and peel’ format. Design-wise this makes sense and was even outfitted with a Canadian flag. At the time of the change, Tim Hortons execs stated this new spill-resistant, 100% recyclable lids took “more than two years to develop the new lid – conducting 12 research studies, serving over 30 million beverages and working with thousands of guests to help us design it.”

Tim Hortons lids

Well, it’s been some time and things have to change because the people are speaking, spilling, and getting burned. It’s not even about a change of habit. The design of the lids does not fulfill what was promised.

Last May, we jokingly put our a Change.org petition for Tim Hortons and its parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) to bring back the old lids. To date, this petition has over 1,900 signitures.

It’s time Timmies. Bring back the glory and help improve the “coffee cup technology.”

In addition, from an environmental perspective, it seems the lids from yesteryear used less plastic. That is also a benefit to consider.

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