Ron McDonald oversees death at a Tim Hortons in BC

This cannot be made up.

Ron McDonald — his real name is actually Ronald McDonald — is the chief civilian director for the Independent Investigations Office of BC. It should be stated that this is not Ronald McDonald the loving mascot at McDonalds.

The professional Ron McDonald is overseeing a death at a Tim Hortons near Main Street and Terminal Avenue.

The Vancouver police we called to the restaurant on November 27th around 6:00pm local time after 6 p.m. a man had been in the bathroom for over a half an hour.

According to CityNews1130, The police knocked on the door and “asked that he be removed.” However, “When he came out of the restroom, he was agitated and aggressive which resulted in a physical altercation,” said VPD Const. Tania Visintin.

Almost immediately, paramedics were called but the man passed away at the scene.

Ron McDonald is investigating the incident and stated “there are further steps to be taken, which will include an autopsy to be conducted… we always have to keep our minds open for a variety of circumstances.”

Some of the patrons in the Timmies have video and that will be used during the investigation as evidence, specifically if the police used any force and if it caused a role in his death.

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