Review: Timbits Chocolate Glazed cereal

Let’s get this out of the way at the start. This cereal is not new but still newsworthy.

Released in Canada in early January 2020, Tim Hortons and Post announced the new Timbits Chocolate Glazed Cereal and Post Timbits Birthday Cake Cereal.

Both seem like a strange move from Timmies. However, the company needs to increase its revenue from other sources and this is a piggyback on its push for Tims at Home.

The Timbits brand resonates with both adults and kids at this seems like a decent product to at least test out in the very competitive cereal category.

Tim Hortons Timbit cereal chocolate Post

At the time of its release, David Bagozzi, Vice President of Marketing at Post Foods Canada, said, “we all know how hard it is to resist Timbits, so we are very excited to be able to bring the fun of enjoying Timbits to cereal bowls across the country. I know from my own experience how beloved Timbits are – based entirely on how quickly they disappear whenever someone brings a box into the office!”

It’s been a year and there both flavours are still on the shelf. So, things must be going right.

I purchased the Timbits Chocolate Glazed cereal. The packaging looks like a Timbits box. As for the cereal, my first impression was they are smaller than I originally pictured and that I’m about to eat a bowl of Coco Pops or Cocoa Puffs, which is made by competitors Kellogg’s and General Mills.

I poured the Chocolate Glazed into a bowl. Grabbed some milk and let the taste buds see how I like it. The company noted that this cereal will bring “a whole new element of fun for the entire family.” That was a stretch for me. I was just cereal and both my son and daughter joined me in this taste test.

The first bite tasted very chocolatey. I would say like a Chocolate Glazed Timbit. So Post really nailed this. The Chocolate Glazed chocolate puffs did not get overly soggy (still had some crunch at the end) and kept its flavour until I was completed. As for cereal, this is all that you can really ask for. That both the taste and texture keep its form and promise until the end of the bowl.

Tim Hortons Timbit cereal chocolate Post

I would say the surprising feature of the Timbits Chocolate Glazed cereal was that the milk became this glorious chocolate milk that was an additional treat, which my kids downed in record time.

Now, this is filled with sugar. The daily recommended serving is 1 cup (36 grams) and there are 17 grams of sugar. In addition, 140 calories. So not the healthiest choice.

Timbits Chocolate Glazed cereal and the Timbits Birthday Cake Cereal both cost about $4.00 CAD.

It's a copy of Coco Pops This is a cereal that basically adds a good taste in your mouth, sugar in your body and revenue for Post Canada and Restaurant Brands International. Worth a try for $4.

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