The competition: KFC and Cinnabon partner to release ‘Dessert Biscuits’

“KFC Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits combine two signature flavours into one epic collaboration,” says a statement to InsideTimmies.

Can it be true? Is this combination an ‘epic’ collaboration?

The description of the KFC Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits that is available now at KFC’s across Canada is “a delicious mashup of two iconic brand classics: KFC’s signature buttermilk biscuit covered with Cinnabon Cinnamon Brown Sugar Glaze, drizzled with signature cream cheese frosting, and topped with a chocolate bow tie.”

I mean, I rather just have a Cinnabon cinnamon bun without the KFC biscuits… but hey, anything can sell these days.

These are available ‘while quantities last’ and can be ordered by itself, bundled up with a four-pack, and with a Festive Bucket.

“KFC and Cinnabon are renowned around the world for their signature flavours and we are excited to partner to bring an indulgent dessert to Canadians this holiday season,” said Katherine Debicki, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Canada. “Like our famous fried chicken and gravy, some things are just better together and the KFC Cinnabon Dessert Biscuit is truly a match made in dessert heaven. We know our guests will love it.”

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