Tim Hortons launches ‘Tims It Forward’ program to gift the glory of Tim Hortons

What a glorious time to be alive… and it’s not just the Tim Hortons holiday menu and festive cup I’m talking about.

Tim Hortons has unveiled a new program called ‘Tims It Forward’ and it gives Tims Rewards members — basically those enrolled in its app or through its website — the option to use their points and “send a digital gift to family and friends.”

What ‘act of kindness’ can you send you ask? Well, you can basically anything on the Timmies menu:

50 Points – Classic Donut & Cookie
70 Points – Brewed Coffee, Tea, Premium Baked Good
100 Points – Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla, Iced Coffee
140 Points – Frozen or Espresso-based Beverage, 10 Pack Timbits

If the person you are sending the points to does not have a Tim Rewards card, then they can use a one-time QR code which will be sent to their email.

“Every year, we hear stories about guests who pay it forward by purchasing the order for the person behind them at the drive-thru, so we wanted to put a spin on the acts of kindness we see happen at restaurants and give guests an even more personal experience to treat those who they think deserve it most,” says Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons. “Tims It Forward is a unique way of surprising your family and friends with a free Tim Hortons pick-me-up, either during this holiday season or in the future.”

Source: Tim Hortons

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