Tim Hortons makes exclusive Honey and Maple Holtby donut

The Braden Holtby story now includes some fine Canadian heritage past being a goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks.

The Holtbys have two tortoises — Honey and Maple — and a few weeks ago they were not allowed to export them from crossing the US/Canada border because they did not have the correct paperwork. This caused a big kerfuffle and some unwanted press.

The Holtby family received some assistance from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Honey and Maple rejoined the family a couple of days later, now officially landed in their new hometown of Vancouver.

Tim Hortons and Upper Deck have teamed up to make this wrong right by customizing donuts and also a limited-edition, one-card Honey and Maple Holtby hockey card that features the tortoises with a Vancouver Canucks hockey stick.

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