Tim Hortons unveils heartwarming, diversity-focussed commercial called ‘Snowpeople’

Tim Hortons has released a new commercial called “Snowpeople” and it pulls at your heartstrings.

In a statement to InsideTimmies, Tim Hortons noted that it “is celebrating diversity and inclusion and the ability to find happiness in even the smallest things, like building a snowperson.”

The 1-minute commercial was directed by Canadian-Japanese director Goh Iromoto and included “real Canadian individuals and families across the country.”

“As a Canadian born of Japanese descent, it’s an honour to work on such an impactful campaign celebrating the different cultures, diverse backgrounds and inclusivity that runs deep throughout the veins of so many Canadians,” says Iromoto. “What makes this ad spot so special, is that it goes beyond ultimately connecting us to our common humanity.”

Here is the commercial for your viewing pleasure:

“When we set out on a journey to explore special moments in the lives of Canadian families, we thought the best way to do so was by hearing from them directly,” says Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons. “The snowpeople submissions we received were incredibly powerful and showcased just how important it is for everyone to appreciate moments that bring us together.”

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