New commercial seeking ‘real people’ to talk about Tim Hortons breakfast offerings

Look at this amazing experience that has popped up to make 2020 that much better.

A new Tim Hortons commercial is on the horizon and according to Toronto-based casting company GROUNDGLASS, they are casting ‘real people’ to be the star of the show.

Curious what it’s all about?

The casting call notes, “We are seeking diverse and outgoing Tim Hortons guests, 20-75 yrs old, in the greater Toronto area who have opinions about Tim Hortons breakfast offerings- good AND bad. Whether you prefer to go elsewhere for your breakfast, or love Timmies breakfasts, we want to hear from you!”

Now, most Canadians know Timmies and to potentially be included you have to be a Canadian citizen and “you must be a Tim Hortons customer, even if you rarely visit.”

The job description states that if you are selected you can earn between $750-$2,250 for one-day of filming. Pretty sweet gig!

Check it out here!

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