Here are the favourite Tim Hortons donuts of 2020

Curious what the top donuts were this year from the greatest place on Earth?

Tim Hortons has announced that 2020 was the year of the Boston Cream donut. Shocking really but well deserved.

However, depending on where you lived in Canada this varied. In Ontario, western provinces and the territories it was the Apple Fritter. In Quebec, the Honey Cruller (my personal fav) took the top spot. In the Atlantic provinces the Boston Cream was number one.

“Boston Cream donuts are a classic and I’m not surprised it was Canadian Tim Hortons guests choice this year,” says Tallis Voakes, the new Culinary Lead for Tim Hortons. “It’s a filled, soft, yeast donut and has delicious chocolate and creamy vanilla flavours. The concept for the donut comes from a Boston Cream Pie recipe that’s over 100 years old — it’s so cool to me to see how dishes evolve over time. I agree with my friends in Quebec, the Honey Cruller is my jam,” says Voakes. “But it’s like anything else, everyone’s got a favourite and there’s no wrong answers.”

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