Review: Tim Hortons new Fresh Cracked Eggs Breakfast Sandwich

Late 2020, Restaurant Brands International, the parent-company of Tim Hortons, announced plans to launch a revamped breakfast sandwich that included freshly cracked eggs.


The current Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich tastes flat and grainy. This is just the egg portion I’m speaking about. The bread portion, whether it’s the English muffin, bagel or biscuit, just comes our wrong as well. It’s either not toasted or not toasted enough.

Alas, this new way for 2021 will bring in a ‘reinvention of our breakfast sandwiches,’ said Tim Hortons Canada President, Axel Schwan, in a recent open letter to all shareholders and Timmies addicts.

Schwan also noted that this new breakfast sandwich with “freshly cracked eggs as another massive new improvement that will take the breakfast you already love to a whole new level.” This new menu item will be available in the ‘months ahead’ in Canada.

Tim Hortons Breakfast Egg

During the holidays I drove to Oakville to see my father. I grew up there and Tim Hortons head office was originally located there so my connection to the brand is deep. Close to his home I saw a Timmies and it was open so gravity naturally pulled me there.

I usually order a Steeped Tea with two milks with half a sugar and I’m on my way. However, this time around I saw a green neon sign that proudly stated “Try our NEW Fresh Cracked Eggs.”

Boom! I’m in.

Ordered it up and anticipated the best. Here’s my review.

Tim Hortons Fresh Egg Sandwhich

The new Tim Hortons Fresh Cracked Eggs Breakfast Sandwich is presented in the same paper wrapping as the current sandwich. So nothing special or noteworthy.

Opening the wrapping you are greeted with a wave of egg smell. This time you see a combination of white and yellow egg, not just the bright yellow of years past. This immediately informs my brain and body to prepare itself for a great experience.

Tim Hortons Fresh Egg Sandwhich

I opened up the Fresh Cracked Eggs Breakfast Sandwich and saw processed cheese. Now, some might like to see real cheese but I love this type of cheese on an egg. A good addition could be smoked cheese.

As for the egg — the piece de resistance — it’s beautiful and directly competes with McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. This is a tall hill to climb as the Egg McMuffin is really the pinnacle of breakfast sandwiches around the world. This Tim Horton Fresh Cracked Eggs Breakfast Sandwich is on par with it. Yes, you read that correctly.

Tim Hortons Fresh Egg Sandwhich

The egg is actually freshly cracked. I asked at the drive-thru window where the egg is made and the Timmies server stated, “We crack it in the back.” Apparently, Tim Hortons across the country will each receive a machine that makes these eggs on-site and takes 2-minutes to make six eggs.

The egg was moist and flavourful. Very fulfilling. The yolk was correct for my tastebuds. I demolished this sandwich in about 5 bites.

Tim Hortons Fresh Egg Sandwhich

However, a missing for me was bacon. It was literally not present and I’m unsure if it will be included into the sandwich when it officially becomes available across all locations in Canada. This would have been a great touch.

This fresh egg sandwich is a winner.

The saviour of 2021 This is a joy to eat and you will love experiencing it. The old eggs of Timmies past will vanish and this new Fresh Cracked Eggs Breakfast Sandwich competes with the McDonald's Egg McMuffin.

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